Just when Democrats think their week can’t get worse, AOC says Pelosi is a racist.

Geez. It just won’t end for them.  AOC is going after Pelosi.  Beto is spewing garbage about white supremacy.  The idiot in Kentucky managed to take three positions on Brett Kavanaugh in a single day.

It’s just a terrible week for them and President Trump’s poll numbers keep inching closer to 50%.

Speaking of Beto, is he still here because of white supremacy?
There are two black candidates running.  Beto says white supremacy is woven into the fabric of our democracy.  Shouldn’t he get out and back a non-white candidate if he really believes that?

The Woke Afro-Future Fest

A festival has come up with a brilliant idea.  They’re going to charge based on race.  Some races will get cheaper, better tickets.  Some races will get more expensive, worse tickets.  And some people are really finally starting to see woke progressivism is racist.

God bless Texas.

Democrats would have you believe it is going to be the next blue state.  Here’s why it is going to stay red.

Biden says he’ll get feisty. 
He seems to recognize he came off poorly by trying to be the elder statesman.  With the rest of the Democrats piling on him, he’s mad and ready to be dad.  He’s going to come out swinging at his opponents.  Wonder if he’ll have a Sister Souljah movement about wokeness.  He’s already been pretty critical of AOC.

When Russell Kirk wrote his 1967 one volume biopic of Edmund Burke, the “dead consensus” was very much alive.
Barry Goldwater had championed the cause of classical liberalism in 1964 that carried against the ossified New Deal and its coterie of attendants hoping to pick apart what remained of the carcass. Ronald Reagan offered Americans a time for choosing between individual liberty and the social welfare state. Giants such as William F. Buckley pronounced the old populism championed by the John Birch Society — that odd fusion of “America First” and Huey Long populism — as persona non grata.

Megan Rapinoe Unknowingly Admits The Men’s Team Deserves To Be Paid More
After the US Women’s team won the World Cup on Sunday morning, “equal pay” chants broke out from the crowd. When asked by Rachel Maddow how fans can support the fight for equal pay, USA soccer star and avid Trump hater, Megan Rapinoe made an interesting comment.

Have a good day today.

Erick Erickson

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