L.A. County Has 1.6 Million More Voters Registered Than It Has Eligible Voters Living There

A problem just about everywhere…. this is why any legislation tied to registered voters should be changed or eliminated.

A recent study of the voter rolls in Los Angeles County finds that they have 1.6 million MORE voters on the rolls than they have eligible voters living in the area.

This means that L.A. County has enough extra voters to equal the population of Philadelphia on its voter rolls!

Worse, despite being aware of the situation, county officials don’t much care to fix the problem.

As Mark Hemingway wrote today:

This means that L.A. is in violation of federal law, which seeks to limit fraud by requiring basic voter list maintenance to make sure that people who have died, moved, or are otherwise ineligible to vote aren’t still on the rolls.

Los Angeles County has made only minimal efforts to clean up its voter rolls for decades. It began sending notices to those 1.6 million people last month to settle a lawsuit brought by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

L.A. County is not the only California county with such a problem.

“10 of the state’s 58 counties also have registration rates exceeding 100% of the voting age population. In fact, the voter registration rate for the entire state of California is 101%,” Hemingway reported.

Eight other states have voter rolls that exceed their actual voting population, and 38 states have at least one country where the disparity exists.

This echoes a 2012 Pew study that found that 24 million voter registrations in the United States, about one out of every eight, are “no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate” – a number greater than the current population of Florida or New York state.

Pew’s total included at least 1.8 million dead people and another 2.75 million Americans who were registered to vote in at least two states.

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