Cool Ways to Keep Pets Comfortable During the Summer

Encourage Water Play

Help your pets weather the heat and humidity with these tips and at-home tricks. From swimming pools to self-refilling water bowls and creative ice toys, your furry BFFs will be comfortable and healthy all summer long.

Make Your Own Dog Ice Cream

Our favorite recipe for dog-friendly ice cream can be made well in advance, so it can be doled out all summer long. The combination of kefir, pumpkin, and banana is guaranteed to make mouths water (yours, too). Cut it into ice cream bars, or freeze the mixture in silicone cupcake liners so they’re easy to deliver on a hot afternoon.

Freeze an Ice Puzzle

Load submergible pet toys into a plastic container, and top it off with water — add a few food treats in there too, if you want. Once frozen, this icy block will provide hours of fun for your dog and it melts away, and they’re able to chew and lick their way to retrieve their treasures.

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