Dreyfuss on CIVICS on Tucker Carlson show

Yesterday I watched a short segment of Tucker Carlson who had Dreyfuss as the guest.

I found it VERY interesting and enough so to share it with WGEN readers.

I have ranted about the lack of CIVIC’s classes in school for many years. I had a civics class in the 9th grade and I loved it. Sad part was my folks moved us from Bremerton at the time to Federal Way and to my dismay, only seniors could take a civic’s class so I had to drop civic’s. I had an intense interest in the political and
constitutional issues so not being able to take a civics class as a freshman really was hard to deal with. That was the real beginning of my life long political activism.

Anyway, this is the You tube of the program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gzS2z_8wpA

And this is the URL to Dreyfuss’s web page on the push to return CIVICS to the classroom. https://thedreyfussinitiative.org/

I have a hunch that 95% of Congress wouldn’t be able to pass a Civics test. Most all of them have no clue what the Constitution is about or what real Constitutional RIGHTS are. For sure those loudmouth females that like to open their mouths and let their crap fall out have no clue.

I hope many of you will check the two URLS out and then share the information far and wide and lets see if we can get the public (and private) school systems to teach CIVICS instead of all the sex related classes.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN idzrus@earthlink.net

Years ago *immigrants* came to America to seek a better life and they would ASSIMILATE into our culture and language. Now, *immigrants* come to use up our benefits, ignore our laws, and instead of making the effort to *ASSIMILATE* they now come to *ASSASSINATE

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