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It took years to eradicate wolves from the lower 48 states, and there was a good reason for it:  They absolutely devastate livestock herds.  As usual, generations pass and basic, common sense gets left behind, so a bunch of alleged environmentalists thought it would be a great idea to reintroduce wolves back into Oregon.

Result:  Where there were no problems or expenses associated with wolves attacking livestock for years and years, the reintroduced wolves have once again begun attacking livestock herds, and we the taxpayers are having to pay for those losses.  In addition, all kinds of taxpayer-paid expenses associated with monitoring and controlling the Oregon wolf population are being incurred, where no such expenses existed before these idiots got their way.

Now, Oregonians (in general) are not the brightest bulbs on the tree, particularly the Liberals, so they came up with a brilliant solution:  Built a wolf-proof fence around the ranch where most of the wolf/livestock predation is occurring.  They put up a Go-Fund-me page for morons to contribute to so they can pay for the fence.

But that’s just one ranch!  Did these hapless idiots take even a moment to think this out?  First, wolves are very smart critters, and like most predators they are opportunistic hunters.  It’s a lot easier for wolves to pull down a pastured cow at night than it is to run down an elk or a deer through the woods, so the livestock option remains the most appealing to them.  That means the wolves will just move over to the next ranch that isn’t fenced, but a wolf-proof fence?  That Go-Find-Me page generated a little over $6,000.00 to fence the affected ranch, so it’s hard to believe they planned to bury the fence at least three feet into the ground to keep the wolves from burrowing under it, and if you remember your nature lessons, wolves are very good at digging — because that is what they do!  They dig a burrow to raise their pups, and those burrows can be quite deep.

You can’t swing a dead cat around in Oregon without hitting a self-described Environmentalist.  Most of these claimants never received a formal education in environmental science, but they’ll insist they know what’s best for all of us and shove legislation down our throats with the usually dire, unintended consequences to follow.

As I’ve written before:  Liberal ruin everything they touch.


Carl F. Worden

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