News According to Real Clear Politics July 16, 2019

Backlash Ensues After RNC’s WinRed Fundraising Hammer Falls. Susan Crabtree explores the controversy that’s erupted since the GOP mandated a new way for candidates and state parties to raise small-dollar donations.

Klobuchar Would Only Reveal Judges List After Taking Office. Susan has this story too.

The Ways and Wages of Stefan Halper. The academic who may have helped the FBI spy on the Trump campaign was paid more than $1 million by a U.S. agency for research papers of dubious value, Eric Felten reports for RealClearInvestigations.

Challenges Facing Dems If They Win White House. In RealClearMarkets, Henry Aaron lays out budgetary and other obstacles that loom for the party making big-ticket promises.

Pell Grants Are Less Progressive Than You Think. In RealClearEducation, Jason Delisle and Cody Christensen write that the program intended for low-income students, and championed by Pete Buttigieg, is instead helping higher-income families.

Minor League Batter Steals First Base. In RealClearSports, Evan Bleier spotlights a play rooted in a new rule that may not win many fans’ approval.

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