This is what a Global Identity War looks like

The Internal and External, Individual and Communal, Personal, National & Global Identity War against the Enemy Inside.

By Vic Biorseth

The Global Civil War we have warned of is upon us, and ongoing. It is not generally recognized yet, because it is so internal; it is not as though armies have been raised and lines have been drawn and physical battle has commenced between them. It is a war within, even more than our own first Civil War, fought against the old Democrat Party.

We have worried about Civil War II, and spoken of the Civil War Coming to Christian America; it is here; it is commencing. You are in it, ready or not, whether you like it or not, and whether you even know it or not.

It is going on all around you and it will affect you. It is affecting you now.


The old Democrat Party, after it lost the Civil War with America, just went back to unconstitutional anti-American Party Politics, with it’s evil agenda pushing Segregation Forever, Jim Crow Laws, etc., and it’s militant terrorist wing of the Party was the infamous KKK.

In its new and more Communist form, as the Marxocrat Party, its new evil agenda pushes anti-white racism, anti-male sexism, anti-rule-of-law, anti-Christianity, anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, and its new created and Party sponsored militant terrorist wing is Antifa. A Marxist-Fascistic group pretending to be anti-Fascist.

They’re the ones who flew the Mexican flag and a desecrated American flag over an ICE facility, to the universal approval and applause of the whole Marxocrat Party and Marxocrat Media.

The Marxocrat Party’s News Media and the whole Marxocrat Party slammed President Trump for his challenging of their anti-American and anti-Christian Party-sponsoring Oligarchs and Putocrats who own and operate all Social Media, On-line Search Engines, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Cell Phones, Chips, Smart Devices, etc., etc., etc., and who favor anti-American foreign governments over the American government, especially Marxist and/or Islamist governments, and the UN, and the EU. As all good Marxocrats do.

All driving at a one-government-fits-all sort of anti-American globalism.

We have seen the results of Marxocrat cases brought before Marxocrat judges regarding individual and group identities and we, as a once identifiable people, are suffering the consequences.

American judges in American Courts – American Courts – have “adjudicated” the Boy Scouts of America into accepting openly homosexual Scout Masters. Then, actively homosexual boy scouts. Then, girls.

What next? Questioning? Is not the whole identity of the “Boy” Scouts now in question? Should their pronoun now be the Question Mark? Should that be the sign and the patch and the symbol of the ? Scouts, perhaps no longer “of America”, but of the Universe?

In a total loss of distinction and distinct identity?

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