Jackson Police Investigators have determined the origination of viral Facebook video.

Invesigators with the Jackson Police Department have verified the origination of the viral Facebook video depicting abused children did not originate in the local community of Jackson nor any of the surrounding communities.  The origination of the video occurred outside of the United States. So, in continued efforts of keeping children safe, Investigators are grateful for the assistance of this community in providing relevant information that help resolve cases and ensure all are safe.

Yesterday, Investigators with the Jackson Police Department were trying to identify the origination of a viral video on social media and needed the communities assistance.  Thanks to the assistance of the community, Investigators have determined that the origination of this video was outside of Jackson’s jurisdiction.

There is a video going around on Facebook depicting children, possibly in a child care facility, being abused.  The video depicts young black male children being slapped and punched in the head and face by an unidentified person.  The video also depicts the children being thrown on a hard floor causing head trauma to at least one child.  Another child is choked by this unidentified person.

One of the young children is wearing a blue shirt and is sitting in a green high chair and the two other children are lying on a floor.  One of the children on the floor is wearing a black outfit and the other child is wearing a dark blue shirt.

If anyone has information that will assistance in locating the children, the offender, or the property, contact Lieutenant D. Jones at 731-425-8400.

Jackson Tennessee Police Department
234 Institute St
Jackson, TN 38301

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