‘Working Class’ Democratic Socialist State Senator Reports $10 Million Trust Fund


by Tyler Durden |  ZeroHedge

As it turns out, AOC isn’t the only democratic socialist politician who misled the public about her “working class” roots to help get elected. Julia Salazar, the Brooklyn state senator and DSA – that’s Democratic Socialists of America – member who unseated a rival Democrat last year with the help of the city’s increasingly active democratic socialist machine, lied about growing up in a financially challenged immigrant family in Bushwick.

In a recent filing with the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics, Salazar revealed that she’s actually the beneficiary of a trust fund worth more than $10 million. Though the Salazar campaign is now claiming that this was a reporting error, and that the trust fund is worth “only” $400,000.

Either way, Salazar used money from the fund to pay for living expenses while she was busy campaigning to unseat centrist Democrat Martin Dilan, whom she painted as a friend to the developers who were ‘ruining’ Brooklyn by driving the tide of gentrification.

The trust fund was left to Salazar by her father, Luis Salazar.Julia

Salazar told the New York Post that she misread the form’s categories, and thought the “$10 million and over” designation was actually the “$10,000 and over” designation (we hope she’s not making these types of errors while writing up proposed legislation).

“I looked at it in a cursory way…I mistook the comma versus the decimal point, so it added it extra zeros.”

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