Pelosi’s Photo Emerges Out of Italy

I may be wrong on this (correct me if I am) but I’ve always thought that these Congressional *recesses* were so the Congressmen could return to their Districts to meet with their constituents. What they have done is change the *recesses* to Tax paid vacations to luxury locations to eat, drink, and be merry – all paid for by the taxpayers.  They always have some COVER STORY as to why they are making these trips but the plain and simple truth is it is to have a fancy vacation under the lying guise of *business* – it is *business* alright – MONKEY BUSINESS.

In my opinion they have no need to travel or consult with foreign nations on anything as they are AMERICAN Congressmen/women elected to represent their AMERICAN Constituents.  We have Foreign AMBASSADORS that are to consult with those foreign people.

We need to find a way to prohibit these expensive tax funded VACATIONS for these  teat sucking politicians.

There is no need to have these *recesses* any longer as with the modern technology the town halls can be conducted from their Congressional offices via Skype or some other tech type of visible communication.  They need to remain ON THE JOB in WDC not traveling around the world to vacation.  If that is too much for them then lets cut their work year to 6 months and they can find another 6 month job to earn some $$.  Their *productivity* for the job they pretend to do is a LOSS to the Taxpayer.

All they have done this session is to make sure they can all say RACIST.  They have not brought forth one piece of legitimate legislation – it has all been to attack Trump and promote Socialism for their ego based 2020 election run.  VANITY   VANITY  VANITY =  EGO   EGO  EGO.

Jackie Juntti

Check out the comments on the web site.  Some real doozies.


Pelosi’s Photo Emerges Out of Italy

The Democratic delegation is currently visiting the U.S. Army Africa headquarters in Italy. Pelosi was joined on by several other black Democrats, including Majority Whip James Clyburn, Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Karen Bass, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Rep. John Lewis.

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