Multiple reliable sources relate that there are 35,000 sub-Saharan African Negroes staging in the states of Cameroon, Ghana, the Congo, etc. for an invasion into America.

Some have already made their way into our land.  A video was released yesterday by U.S. Border Patrol showing Africans and Haitians crossing the Rio Grande and casually entering America.

The Border Patrol on searching those sub-Saharans who gained entry have found pockets containing rolls of $100 bills. The video I refer to was withdrawn today by the USBP. Who do you believe is supplying all that cash, or citizens do you care?

While hundreds of thousands are illegally invading monthly, Senator Tom Cotton (R) and friends have introduced SB-386 which increases the number of visas to be issued with the ultimate majority recipients are to be Chinese & Indian (India).  Senator Langford (R) of Oklahoma is also among the stalwarts pushing for SB-386. Do you understand, citizens, there are tens of thousands already here on expired visas?

Astoundingly the two U.S. Senators & four U.S. Congressmen have never endorsed one single part of President Trump’s campaign promises, more particularly the illegal invasions occurring while both Cotton and Boozman campaign for WWIII, e.g. Iran & Russia. Russia desires to be our friend and we need them.

Again,  there will be no border wall built and this once vaunted Republic is one breath away from a third world kingdom, engineered by that little postage stamp of terror, Israel—the foundation.

What we have in Arkansas and the same in other states, is a collection of self-serving, warmongering buffoons. Politicians are all like time-share condominiums. They are all for rent at the right price and for sale.

I can remember Senator Boozman, then Congressman serving his last term, exalting he had declared war on illegal immigration—Times Record headline of that time period.

The Ship is sinking and so are the lifeboats.  Why are you willing to defy logic and believe lies strewn by the Cultural Marxist Tribe who now own, factually, America without a fight to drive out the infidels?

Is self-preservation dead?

Joe McCutchen

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