The Dangers of “Red Flag” Laws Have Been Exposed As Life-Threatening For Gunowners!

WHAT part of  “SHALL  NOT  BE  INFRINGED”  is so difficult to understand??

Infringed does not mean to hang those little tassels along the edges of our guns or on the LAW itself.  It is time to repeal ALL rules, laws, that INFRINGE on our RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.  Go after the real problem and that is the total breakdown of the family unit where discipline and morality is learned.  Put the Fathers back in the home to raise the children (not CPS).  Put the Bible back in the classrooms and in the COURTS.  The ‘problem” is the government tearing apart the family unit as it was created to be. No fault divorce should be done away with – along with the welfare system that encourages illegitimate babies to get a larger welfare check and with no father to support them.

The ‘problem’ isn’t guns – the ‘problem’ is the government setting rules that create the situations of these mass killings.  All the rules against guns haven’t stopped any of the killings and adding more won’t either.  Killers will find a way if killing is their intent.  They don’t need *guns* to accomplish their intent as has been proven time and time again.  How many guns took down the buildings on 9/11?????  How many guns were used in OKC???

America and the world has a SPIRITUAL and MENTAL HEALTH  problem – not a METAL problem.

Jackie Juntti


The Dangers of “Red Flag” Laws Have Been Exposed As Life-Threatening For Gunowners!

Gunowners have the potential to lose their lives over bad red flag laws nationally. In Maryland, a bad red flag law led to the death of a law-abiding civilian, and in Vermont, a bad red flag law led to an unlawful confiscation of a large gun collection, all because a relative planned to steal the gunowner’s firearms.

From FMShooter:

Following a weekend in which two mass shooters gunned down dozens of people, President Trump and other GOP leaders came out and gave implied support to “Red Flag” laws that could presumably allow authorities to seize firearms from gunowners without due process:

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