The initial reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide indicated that Epstein was under suicide watch after his alleged previous suicide attempt.  But those reports were dead wrong.  In fact, only six days after Epstein’s alleged suicide attempt, he was taken off suicide watch and placed in solitary confinement.

As any prison expert will tell you, solitary confinement is a form of extreme mental torture, so if you truly want a prisoner to kill himself after an alleged failed attempt, you place him in solitary confinement, make sure he’s got the materials in his cell to complete the job and walk away.

There are reports that Epstein stated someone tried to kill him after he was found unconscious with bruising around his neck in the first, “try”, but so far there are no such credible reports, and no alleged assailant named by Epstein, so I’m not buying that story unless and until I see credible verification that statement was ever made.

If Epstein was accommodated to commit suicide, the person who ordered him taken off suicide watch after only six days is the most likely suspect — and I would start there.  While on suicide watch, a prisoner is carefully monitored by video and regular surveillance by prison staff, making an attempted suicide or murder just about impossible without getting caught.  But if placed in solitary confinement, no such video monitoring is available and the opportunity is there for a bribed prison staffer to sneak in and snuff the prisoner with no witnesses, making it look like a successful suicide.  Either way, the decision to take Epstein off suicide watch and place him in solitary confinement is highly suspicious, and it is obvious Attorney General Barr thinks that as well.

Don’t immediately join the ranks of thinking President Trump is an idiot for suggesting the Clinton’s had a lot to benefit from Epstein’s death because many people before you thought the same when Trump said he thought he was being electronically surveilled, and it turned out to be true.  In fact, Trump has a very keen instinct in matters like this, and he’s been proven right later several times now.


Carl F. Worden

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