The Trojan Horse – Quote for Today

We all need to learn to DISCERN who and what – there are so many double agents among us as well as those who are sent in to intentionally egg people on to commit acts that will cause problems.

I believe that I have been blessed with a very good *antenna* and it has served me very well in my life. I can generally tell within a few minutes if someone is ‘genuine’ or not. The only time I was fooled was by a close family member and that was a lesson that will never be forgotten. I remind myself of how Judas sold out Our Lord for 30 pieces of silver so it is foolishness to think that one who is kin wouldn’t sell you out as well if the reward was large enough.

I am not a person who places trust easily in others – that trust must be earned. A lesson others should take heed of as well. I have a small book that I bought years ago, “The Guerrilla Politics Manual”, (out of print now) and that is one that many should have to study and how easy it is for infiltrators to enter in and destroy you. Don’t be too easy or quick to accept what someone says – watch them to see if the actions match the words…. and even then WATCH OUT!! Trojan Horses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes….. and relationships.

Jackie Juntti  08/20/2007

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