Home foreclosures on the rise again

From the Maddening Crowd

Originally printed  April 11, 2008

I remember the business math class I took in Bremerton WA in the 9th grade and it included so many things that are part of life and how you handle money. I guess they don’t teach that anymore – can’t impede the Bankers from enriching themselves at the expense of ignorant people who can’t really comprehend all that fine print – if they take the time to read it… which most don’t.

There is one part of me that has no pity whatsoever for those folks going thru the loss of their homes – homes they couldn’t afford to begin with and now we are supposed to bail them out for their stupidity???? It is one thing for someone who has a straight out 30 year fixed mortgage to lose their job – have huge medical bills or so other unforeseen disaster hit – to lose their home because they can’t make the payments. For these folks who went into the McMansions – places they probably had trouble paying the utilities on after they scrapped the mortgage pmt together – and now they are being faced with REALITY of the increased rates… I should feel sorry for them. No way! They knew – no one will convince me that these people are really THAT STUPID.

Maybe we need to have a homeowner test people have to pass before they can obtain any mortgage that isn’t a straight fixed rate for a set time period. I do know that there should be some kind of class they should take on how to MAINTAIN a home. I can’t believe how so many fail to understand the need to clean out the gutters, grout around windows, fix leaks before they get worse, etc. Maybe they aren’t ignorant – maybe they are just slobs.

Oh well, I ain’t gonna change this world that’s for sure. I just like to spit out my 2 cents worth on things.

Jackie Juntti

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