Do we “inherently know what is Right and Wrong”?

Government Actors usually think they do. So do Kings and Slave-Owners. They are often wrong.

That is why we have Constitutions and Laws to bind them (Officials and other ‘artificials’), and Laws to restrain other Humans. The reason we have Courts and Trials is because we do not “inherently know” what is “moral or immoral” (what you meant by “Right and Wrong”). We are not Gods. We are Humans, and we do not want others be play God over us, to dictate to us, what is “right and wrong”. That is FREEDOM.

A ‘deliberate assembly’ of Elected representatives, bound by the Constitution, sets our ‘moral standards’ in what is known as a ‘penal code’. We can change this, by who we elect, by persuading those elected, or by showing that the law they created oversteps the boundaries of our Constitution. That is, our Constitution as ‘interpreted’ (understood) pursuant to the ‘self-evident truths’ that established the LAW OF THE LAND. That is LIBERTY.

The Problem with Juries is that so many people sit on juries thinking they are now God, and can impose their “inherent right and wrong” on the defendant, without listening to the facts or being constrained by the Law. The LAW of our LAND, and the Law of our Constitution, and the Law of our deliberate assemblies (Congress and State Legislators) impose limits on the Jury, and the Judge, as ‘Court Officials’. At least – that is the ‘intent’ and ‘purpose’ and ‘spirit’ of our Human Made Laws.

Nature is indifferent to the games we play. It just ‘is’. But if our people, on juries, continue to defy TRUTH, and continue to imprison large numbers of their fellow humans with their “inherent right and wrong” judgments – Nature, Human Nature, dictates that there will be retribution. It may be a while but the time will come and they won’t like the payback and many, many, innocents will be caught in the cross fire. Just like there were in the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and all other REAL wars of Liberation (as opposed to Wars of Conquest under the disguise of a ‘War of Liberation’).

Semper Fi

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