Related to the Anchor baby issue

This is what I just sent to the White House.

I wrote on this same topic a great many times in the past but since Pres. Trump is trying to do away with the FALSE interpretation of the 14th Amendment it is a good time to bring my take on this topic back for discussion and hopefully ACTION.

Jackie Juntti

related to the Anchor baby issue:
If a homeless person – a pregnant homeless person, walks in your front or back  door and while inside your house she gives birth to a baby –
Does that baby then become a member of your family with all the same rights as child your family gives birth to?  Does that baby become an heir to your estate?  Are the owners of that house also then responsible to care for the rest of the family – providing food, health care, education and able to use your family name as if they were legally born to your family members?
How is that any different from those Anchor babies that gain *citizenship* in the same manner?

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