Lamar Alexander needs your calls on 2nd Amendment Infringements

NAGR reports Lamar Alexander ready to “do more” on gun control and wants to make sure Tennesseans get the message.

I received a message today from Dudley Brown with the National Association for Gun Rights who expressed concern about Lamar Alexander, who will all know is predominately an Establishment RINO.  Why?  Because the left-leaning Sen. Alexander is ready to increase federal regulation and infringements on your 2nd Amendment rights!

Dudley asked me to share this call to action in order to maximize the impact!

Fellow Patriot,

Did you see my email earlier?

Your U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander has been tasked to work with Democrats on “bipartisan” gun control schemes such as “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and Universal Brady Gun Registration.

So I’m calling on all pro-gun Tennesseans to call Senator Alexander and urge him to reverse course and oppose all gun control, including “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and Universal Brady Gun Registration.

Please call Sen. Alexander at (423) 752-5337 today, and if you can’t reach him there, call (202) 224-4944.

Once you’ve done that, please read my email below.

— Dudley

John Harris
Executive Director

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