Another Report from the Most Racist Reporter in Tennessee: Weathersbee: Students who use racial slurs should be fodder for lessons on what not to do

Image result for right to not be offendedFor nearly two decades, St. George’s Independent School has worked to get on the right side of history.

The private school was founded in 1959 – three years after southern lawmakers voted to fight public school desegregation. In 2001, St. George’s board voted to open a campus in Sherwood Forest, a mostly-black area east of Orange Mound.

That year the school, which has campuses in predominantly-white Germantown and Collierville, had a minority student population of 1 percent.

“The legacy of private schools in Memphis has been one of exclusion,” said Zachary Casey, assistant professor of educational studies at Rhodes College. “Private schools here, in fact, have been some of the most segregated in the nation.”

But since St. George’s opened its Sherwood Forest campus, it has defied that trend. Its minority student enrollment has risen to 35 percent.

So, it should have been easy for administrators to not want to undermine that progress  by missing a chance to turn an instance of racial harassment into a teachable moment.

Apparently, it wasn’t.

And now, that shortsightedness has the school scrambling to save its reputation.

The school, she said, did little to punish a group of white middle school boys who pointed and laughed at her during a field day event last April, and called her the “n-word,” as well as “monkey” and other slurs.

On top of that, she said, administrators brushed off her demands for harsher punishment, a situation she believes led the same youths to continue to disrespect her when it came to other things, such as her telling them not to run in the hallways.

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