Mark Sanford is the Credible Alternative to Joe Walsh

By Erick Erickson |  The Resurgent

Joe Walsh just wants to out Trump the President. He can’t. Mark Sanford, the former congressman and Governor of South Carolina, has decided to challenge the President. Sanford is a policy wonk who cares deeply about the national debt and deficit.

It is from the fiscal angle that Sanford will challenge the President.

Sanford, like the President, has a dubious marital history, but the President’s team cannot really go after it. Should they try, Sanford should acknowledge it and say he suspects the nation would rather a President who might take a hike than take to Twitter.

Nonetheless, it is a quixotic quest. The GOP is fully Donald Trump’s. Sanford probably cannot even raise the funds necessary and, if he did, he’d still be precluded in some states from challenging the President in a primary. South Carolina, Sanford’s home state, is declining to hold a Republican presidential primary.

There are a lot of Republicans looking to cast protest votes because they are tired of the drama or they never embraced the President. But that protest vote would have to come in the general election.

Mark Sanford is a good man whose issues played out in public. He is unquestionably conservative and unquestionably devoted to smaller, more responsible government. He also is probably wasting his time, but I commend him for trying.

Those serious about protesting the President from within the GOP should not waste their time with Joe Walsh. They should look at Mark Sanford instead.


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