Defeating Democrats

The message here from Lynn needs to not only be shared far & wide but it needs to be a lesson for those who FEAR standing up for what they believe in.  The conservatives in America have stood back in SILENCE for far too long.  The ENEMY WITHIN has taken that silence to mean we are fearful of their lies and threats.  That we won’t stand up against them.

Finally we have a man in the oval office who has stood against them.  One by one those Conservatives who have stood in silence are developing a set of TESTOSTERONE containers and are fighting back.  They are not only challenging the liars but they are filing law suits against them (ie: NRA suing SF for labeling them a terrorist organization.  Nunes filing suit – and many others – the downfall of the SPLC (long overdue), and all the others who are finally waking up and figuring out they no longer have to bend over to these political terrorists.  WHO is it that formed America – was it a bunch of scaredy cats or was it BRAVE MEN who fought off the British.  The *feminist* movement turned so many MEN into femi-napkins it isn’t funny.  It is time for MEN to be re-taught how to be men and fight back against those gender confused females who think they are the *men*.   It has reached such in insane point that people are AFRAID to say things as it might OFFEND some idiot. It is fine to let them OFFEND you (or me) but oh look out if you or I offend them.  Sorry that game has NEVER played in my yard.  I am not subject to intimidation by anyone.  All my life those who tried learned the lesson of trying to intimidate me and how that backfires on them everytime.

Wake up America – and WAKE UP all you with the DNA of XY –  you are not XX dna carriers – you are XY – now live up to what God created you to be –  LEADERS.
If you aren’t WINNING then you are LOSING –  which do you want to do??

Jackie Juntti

Defeating Democrats

Folks, I believe that one thing that will help get President Trump re-elected, is for supporters to put bumper stickers, on their vehicles, against socialism and communism. has some great ones, of both types.

If we can draw enough attention to this, maybe it will catch on and people will decide the Democrats aren’t so great, after all.


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