NYPD: Officers chase two suspects into a Bronx deli, stumble into a seedy kidnapping plot

Cops in the Bronx chased two suspects into a deli and stumbled onto a kidnapping plot, discovering a man who said he’d been locked in the store’s basement for more than three days.

The bizarre revelation early Wednesday involved a victim and suspects who all have lengthy criminal records, police sources said.

According to sources, police spotted two suspects in a reckless endangerment case as they were smoking weed on the street in Wakefield. The pair ran into the Deli N’ Grocery With a Difference on Bussing Ave. near Digney Ave., and when the police followed, they found what looked like a low-rent version of a scene from Pulp Fiction.

The cops asked store worker Richard Millwood, 35, if they could search the place, and he said he needed to go into the basement for a second, police sources said. Then when police got a look, they found a 49-year-old man who claimed he’d been abducted late Sept. 7.

Millwood, it turned out, had just untied him moments ago and told him to keep his mouth shut and tell the cops nothing, sources said. But the man blabbed anyway, telling cops that four people plucked him off the street on E. 234 St. and White Plains Road, shoved him into a sedan and drove them to the deli, where they bound and beat him.

Millwood vanished during the investigation, though police arrested an alleged accomplice ― Orinthia Gifford, 49, who lives next door and while checking out the commotion at the deli, was outed by the abducted man as being involved in the caper, sources said.

Gifford was charged with kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, assault, weapon possession, menacing and harassment. Police released a photo of Millwood and are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

The bound-up victim, who sources said has a lengthy rap sheet, refused medical attention.

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