Evolutionists crack me up.  They finally got tired of trying to explain how life began, so now they just say, “Life somehow happened”, and then they go on to claim they know how life evolved.  That’s like refusing to pour a solid foundation for that house you’re building:  It’s going to come crashing down before you can move in!

The whole concept of an almighty, all-seeing God or an intelligent designer is an answer the Evolutionists refuse to consider, so let’s explore their theory by using the example of the tornado that hits a junkyard.

Here’s the Evolutionists argument:

A tornado makes a direct hit on a junkyard.  There’s an old Cadillac shell present, and in the chaos, all the parts of the exact same year and model Cadillac are blown around in the whirlwind and somehow they all fall into place and the wind bolts them in.  Also blowing in that whirlwind is a set of keys that fly into the Cadillac’s ignition.  They just happen to fit and the wind turns the key and starts the motor.

According to the Evolutionists, something just like that happened that caused life.  Oh, and somehow that restored Cadillac was able to reproduce, too!

When you look at it from that perspective you can easily see how preposterous the Theory of Evolution is.  Not only did life just somehow, “happen”, but the life form that, “happened”, also had the capability of reproducing itself.  Now that’s a neat trick!

That theory was so preposterous in the minds of critical thinking researchers that they tried to suggest that at the very least, life was begun through intelligent design and not happenstance.  Once again, the hard core Evolutionists fought back, claiming the critical thinkers were merely trying to prove there’s a God, and since we can’t ever consider that, our public-schooled children are still being taught the Theory of Evolution as if it is fact.

Real Fact:  With all the advancements in medicine and technology that we have today, including carefully controlled laboratory environments, mankind has never been able to create life from inert matter — not even a single-celled organism!


Carl F. Worden

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