“It’s Just A Mask” (My Version) – Mark Sargent SW#260

Images and music from the 1994 film Shawshank Redemption. Original film score by Thomas Newman.

This is a well done video regarding Corona . BLM is made up of Maoist/Marxist Force, US Muslim Brotherhood of US Council of Muslim Brotherhood America, Alliance of Islamic Brotherhood, Antifa & Alinskigate Anarchists , other groups well formed with their agenda set. Know your enemy “21 Steps to an Insurrection/Revolution” . How did we get here – we’ve been Brainwashed and it started in the 30’s. Read “The Naked Communist”, “Get Control of Schools”, Get Control of Teachers Union”, “Color, Communism , & Common Sense”, The Communist Attack on US Police, 1950’s, Howard Zinn’s “A Young People’s History of US”, Rules for Radicals, Star Spangled Shariah, on and on.

Corona Virus is real. Takeover of America is more real. Research, it is very easily found.

H/T to Judy