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It’s been a few weeks since the Biden laptop scandal broke and it’s clear that the Biden crime family is still trying to use their influence to get away with it. Hunter Biden and his team of lawyers are trying to use intimidation tactics to silence critics and cover up their wrongdoings. It’s time for the public to speak out against this corruption.

Rich kid Hunter Biden is obviously furious that his wrongdoings have been exposed and is trying to use his father’s connections to make the laptop mess go away. It’s clear that the White House is not doing enough to hold Hunter accountable, and instead is allowing him to continue to use his influence to manipulate the system.

Hunter’s legal team has sent a series of threatening letters to government agencies and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, demanding investigations into the dissemination of materials from his laptop. This is a clear attempt to spin the bad press that Hunter has been receiving and it’s sickening.

Not only is Hunter Biden trying to use his father’s influence to get away with his wrongdoings, but his entire team of lawyers is engaging in this corruption too. They’re trying to use legal threats to intimidate and silence critics, and it’s wrong. It’s time for the public to stand up and speak out against this kind of corruption.

The letters also request investigations into the laptop repairman, John Paul Mac Isaac, and various Trump aides connected to the publication of the laptop’s contents. It’s obvious that Hunter is trying to cover his own ass and it’s disgusting.

It’s time for the public to demand that justice is served and that Hunter Biden and his team of lawyers are held accountable for their actions. They have gone too far and it’s time for the government to take action. We cannot allow this kind of corruption to go unchecked. It’s time to speak out and make sure that Hunter Biden and his team of lawyers face the consequences of their actions.


February 3, 2023

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