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C’mon, Rick. Tell us how your REALLY feel…

By rockytop

The “Point of the Spear” has spoken.

In what some in the GOP caucus are describing as either a “Conservative Manifesto” or a “Declaration of Independence” from the Haslam Administration, Rep. Rick Womick (R-Air Force, Rockvale) has let ‘em have it with both barrels.

Rep. Rick Womick

Rep. Womick gave voice to the seething resentment felt by conservative members of the GOP caucus over “Republican” Gov. Bill Haslam’s ham-handed and in-your-face attempts to defeat incumbent members of his own party in the recent primaries. Womick’s letter was also a tour de force rebuttal to the state Attorney General’s convoluted opinion that tried (and failed) to tamp down the outrage over education commissioner Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman’s manipulation of student test scores after he conveniently failed to report the results of said scores in time for inclusion in students’ final grades (an action which also, it must be noted, created a long enough delay for 400 education writers who were in Nashville at the time to get out of town before it all blew up in his and the governor’s face).

NOW do you see why Lt. Gov. Ramsey tried to get rid of the AG by replacing the Democrat Supreme Court justices who hired him?  It was to try an avoid this kind of crap from  happening over and over again.  (Editor’s note:  After the attempt to replace the justices failed, AG Cooper applied for another term the very next day.  What a surprise…..).

"No Comment"

So far, not a word from the governor on his explicit and implicit management of the attacks on his fellow Republicans.  Cowards usually hide when the going gets tough.  And believe us, governor, you haven’t even BEGUN to see just how tough it is about to get.

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August 25, 2014

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