OK, pop quiz:

Did I…

a.) Intentionally put the wrong email address in my earlier email to see if you were paying attention, or…

b.) Committed a typo per the disclaimer at the bottom of each issue of Muth’s Truths, or…

c.) Had one too many margaritas before hitting the “Send” button?

I’ll leave it to you to decide. There are no wrong answers.

But the correct email address to send your “I Wanna Know” email is…


Funny thing was, by the time I left my stateroom after hitting “Send” and made my way back the three-mile hike to the Lido Deck (this is a BIG boat!), folks on the cruise with us had already read the email – properly chastised me for working while on vacation – and pointed out the error of my ways.

In any event…again, the correct email address is chuck@citizenoutreach.com.


If I screwed this up again, we’ll have to wait until I get back on land.

November 19, 2022

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