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On Wednesday, February 26, 2015, Mr Anthony Bosworth of Yakima, Washington was detained by the U.S. Marshall service in Spokane, Washington.

What was his crime?  He committed no crime.  Mr Bosworth was openly carrying a rifle on federal property.  It is not a crime to open carry on federal property; it is a crime to enter a federal building with a gun.

Mr Bosworth was approached by Federal Police who told him he had to leave or they would arrest him.  He was then detained by the US Marshal Service.  By so doing, these law enforcement officials committed a crime against Mr Bosworth.  Considering who heads the US Marshall Service, Eastern Washington, that should come as no surprise.  When Craig Thayer was the Stevens County Sheriff, he ran one of the most corrupt agencies around; it is doubtful he suddenly became a staunch defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights on being appointed head of the Marshal Service for Eastern Washington.

Mr Bosworth was handcuffed and taken away.  He was never read his rights; his gun was taken, illegally; he was refused an attorney, although asking for one at least six times; and he was interrogated illegally for several hours.  The incident culminated when the Spokane County Sheriff intervened and Mr Bosworth was released after being cited for “failure to comply.”

Since Mr Bosworth committed no crime, standing outside the federal courthouse openly carrying a gun, the feds had no legal authority to order him to leave federal property, or detain him for refusing to do so.  As such, the “failure to comply” citation is about as bogus as the rest of their behavior.

It is of interest that, of all the people present, openly carrying firearms, Mr Bosworth was singled out.  It becomes apparent to all but the mentally challenged, that the feds targeting Mr Bosworth was no coincidence as Mr Bosworth had been very visibly involved in the “We Will Not Comply” rally, held in Olympia, Washington in early February, 2015.

In their attempt to interrogate Mr Bosworth, the Marshal Service were looking for information on the Liberty for All movement of which Mr Bosworth is a leader.  They alternated between threatening Mr Bosworth with jail time and trying to recruit him as a snitch.  They didn’t succeed.

On release, it was suggested to Mr Bosworth that he disappear for a year or so, get out of the activism business; the clear message being that they fully intended to pursue him if he didn’t go away and stop standing up for his rights.

Beyond the crimes committed against Mr Bosworth, it is of particular note that when Mr Bosworth requested an attorney, they laughed and told him that was “Hollywood Stuff”!

If what happened at the federal courthouse in Spokane does not concern you, it should.  It should concern every American citizen.

I sent the following to Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, my Congresswoman in Washington DC:

Yesterday, federal agents forcibly removed Anthony Bosworth from a public area at the Federal Courthouse in Spokane; failed to read him his rights; refused his request for an attorney; and held him for five hours while illegally interrogating him about the Liberty For All movement. 

This is shades of Nazi Germany.  This CANNOT be tolerated under our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

I am demanding that every federal agent involved in this matter be terminated immediately; that their names be made public; and that everyone should know what they did and why their behavior cannot be tolerated.

I’m sure that all will be really surprised to learn that I have received no response from her.

Two local television stations – KHQ (Q6 – NBC) and KXLY (Channel 4 – ABC) – did a segment on the incident that afternoon and evening.  I sent the following e-mail to both stations:

You reported on federal agents taking Anthony Bosworth into custody yesterday at the Federal Courthouse. 

Anthony Bosworth was never read his rights; he was denied an attorney; he was illegally interrogated for five hours while being held against his will.  I don’t see any of that information in your reporting of the incident. 

Aren’t you supposed to be the guardians of our rights?  So, why aren’t you reporting on this abuse of power by employees of the federal government? 

I don’t see anything in your reporting, of the questions asked of Anthony Bosworth that make it apparent that the feds fear American citizens who exercise their rights.  Why didn’t you ask those questions?  Why didn’t you report on it? 

Don’t you think the American citizens have the right to know they are the target of their own government that is getting more paranoid by the minute? 

Q6 didn’t respond.  But KXLY did.  Follows is that exchange:

KXLY:  Where did you get your information?  Mr. Bosworth never mentioned any of this during his interview.

Me:  Are you sure about that?  Maybe you need to contact Mr Bosworth again to clarify.

KXLY:  I’m very sure, I watched his entire 10 minute raw interview, and he never mentions his detainment becoming uncomfortable.  Mr. Bosworth even talks about it being a learning experience for law enforcement and himself.  I’m just interested in where you got your information, as “watchdogs of government” we need confirmation of facts, that’s why I’m interested in your source of information. 

Me:  Maybe your reporters didn’t ask the right questions?

KXLY:  I still need your source of information.

Me:  Guess I’m kind of curious why you are so bent on finding out my source.  Seems to me, if you were really interested in doing the story justice, you would contact Anthony Bosworth and ask him if it’s true. 

That was the end of the exchange.  Note that KXLY did a ten minute interview with Mr Bosworth.  Here is their report, aired at 5 p.m. that night and here is the article that appeared on their website.

Yesterday morning I sent the individual at KXLY the article that David Codea did on the incident.  I received no response.  Nor has KXLY published anything further on the matter.

I find it rather interesting that the KXLY reporter, on the scene, seeing all the people standing around with rifles/guns clearly visible, didn’t question why, of all the people there, Mr Bosworth was the only one targeted.  Wouldn’t most people question that obvious discrepancy?  So, why didn’t the KXLY reporter question it?

And why did KXLY so desperately want my “source” when they could have confirmed what I stated in my e-mail to them by contacting Mr Bosworth and asking him if it was true?

This whole incident should upset every American citizen; every American citizen should be demanding the termination of the law enforcement officials who committed the criminal act against Mr Bosworth, and, by extension, every American citizen.  If they can do it to him, without probable cause, they can do it to you, also.  Remember that.

I was not kidding when I stated to Representative McMorris Rodgers that this incident is shades of Nazi Germany.  We saved the German people from the atrocities of Hitler.  Who will save us from people who display the exact same mentality; who scoff at the Fourth Amendment and call anyone’s right to an attorney “Hollywood Stuff”?

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March 1, 2015

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