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Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Set to Ban Drag Shows for Children in Arkansas

by Rusty Weiss | Political Insider

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is poised to sign a bill that will re-define drag shows as ‘adult-oriented performances’ and ban them from public squares with children in attendance.

It is astounding that there would be a side debating against it.

But, as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports, there was “audible dissent” from Democratic lawmakers when it was being voted on in the State House.

The bill defines an “adult-oriented performance” as a performance that is “intended to appeal to the prurient interest and that features a person who appears in a state of nudity or is seminude,” including prosthetic body parts.

It states that the performance can not “take place on public property” or “admit any minor for attendance.”

Which would seemingly include ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’, a thinly-veiled leftist program meant to indoctrinate and normalize children into sexualized performances and conversations.

February 3, 2023

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