Jackson’s 2nd Annual Pride Event will be held Saturday, October 2 at Conger Park.

Scott Conger supporting LBGT+

The Cult-ural attack is on and it’s financial supporter is West Tennessee Health Care. The largest provider of heath care in the area via Jackson Madison County Hospital. West Tennessee Health Care Foundation is simply a wing directed by its gay supporting president.

The following is an excerpt from WBBJ

“This event aims to bring the LGBT+ population together, including communities within this community,” said event chair Darren Lykes.

The family-friendly event will be open to the general public and feature activities for all ages. The event will include musical performances, a live DJ, vendors, face painting, bouncy houses and more. A $10 donation is requested for admission.

“Funds raised at the Jackson Pride Event will allow us to continue to expand and grow our mission of supporting diversity through awareness,” Lykes said.

Jackson Pride — whose mission is to “bring awareness and understanding of the LGBTQIA community to Jackson, Tennessee through community involvement, projects, events and educational resources,” — was formed in 2021 as a fund of the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation. (Frank McMeen is President of WTHC Foundation)

In the 90’s Congress decided to unconstitutionally meddle in the marriage game which possibly lead to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015. This ruling changed everything and nothing for Christians. For churches that have already capitulated on this issue the matter was settled. For Christians who oppose the issue, the matter is far from settled — it’s only just begun.

And here is where you start……

Who supports the operations and growth of this mega monster? Who allowed them to eliminate competition? …. your city council, mayor, and county commission. Who else aids in this massive takeover of your healthcare? Why of course your state representatives and governor. They are here to help in transforming God’s work and teachings to something not so desirable.

What we have to remember is “God is not dead” but he may be “Dead in American Politics” unless you confront them.

September 16, 2022

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