Comments from a friend

We get notes on just about everything… usually we do not share them but this one reminded us of all the crap we have put up with over the last 20 plus years under the federal government’s manipulation. Come on Santa, give him what he wants.

Dear Santa Trump:

I’m a big believer in taking quick wins where you can get them.

As such, make my Christmas come early this year by issuing executive orders repealing rules or bans concerning gas capslow-flow toilets, and incandescent bulbs tout suite.

These things never should have been screwed with in the first place and are a constant reminder that there is no area that the dick of government doesn’t want to shove into the hole of your life.

Just do it while we have the chance.

I’ll give up bumpfire stocks to get back 3.5 gallon commodes and gas cans that don’t spill more than they put in a tank.

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